StOgame, also known as Standard OGame Project, is a Mozilla Firefox extension that works like some GreaseMonkey scripts based on the browsergame Ogame.
Anyway the project leaders (Ocramius Aethril, Pippo1985, JMarquis, Dario2994, VeLuca)
have improved their ability through experience in playing Ogame and making UserScripts for GreaseMonkey.

The project was born to elimate conflicts between different GreaseMonkey Scripts for Ogame, and has becomen a really complex and useful tool for Ogame players.

Feel free to try out our work by downloading from the downloads page or from the following link:

Install StandardOgame (2.6.41) (Downloaded times)

This project is currently not mantained.
You can check it's current status by visiting the project page of StOgame on GitHub or contact author by visiting his website at Marco Pivetta Web Development or writing to him on Twitter @Ocramius